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Placing noted items back into the bank is glitched, test it out you'll see... it steals your items. 

Not all skills are equally attainable. Thieving requires donator status basically, farming takes 100x longer than the second hardest 99, cutting trees only gives you 1 log per tree 90% of the time, cooking and fishing are too easy seeing how necessary they are for the game, agility should be added or at least the shortcuts I think.

Not all items work, even on the drop tables such as antidote 4 and some others

Change some higher areas of the map to "Wild" range so you can attack all levels

Have mods/staff online to resolve issues of people camping in certain areas or picking on certain people.

Have an owner online who updates the server so people want to play.

Create a pk reward shop to spend pk points. 

Add more items to the shops, add more shops and items.

Make the server less pay to play so people don't feel like they are at a disadvantage if they don't buy boss crates. boss crates are too op

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