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Here are some of the latest patches in-game as of right now. 

- The home general store is bugged. Can't buy items from it nor view the prices.
- When you deposit 10x of an item from the bottom row of your inventory, you dc
- ava accumulator saves your arrow 80% of the time
- Server announcement whenever someone gets pk'd with kdr displayed
- made jad a little more realistic...
- doesn't switch attack types as often
- also doesn't attack as fast anymore.
- fixed item swapping attack delay resetting to new weapons attack speed rate upon new weapon switch
- Harralander + Chocolate dust still makes Energy Pots
- Cooking rates have been adjusted to higher levels giving more xp.
- Super energy is now emptyable
- veng runes using too many runes fixed (spam clicking when u could make it so you can case 2 or 3 per click but really only 1 is active.
- consumable ticks have adjusted.
- jewelry crafting is now released, molds are available in the shop.
- U can use mold on the furnace or if u have the mold in inventory click furnace..
- If you have multiple molds in your inventory it will either prioritize ring, or whichever other comes first.
- Combat is fixed for magic spells, and entangles such as bind

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