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Krator Promo Event

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You must provide a screenshot of your current in-game vote points and discord invites if you plan to use them as your point gains or it will not be counted towards the end!


I am proud to announce Krator's biggest event upto date is here, This event features the following tasks based on points. You get points for what you make individually and will be calculated
end of the deadline and see who racked up most points.

Vote - 1 Points ( Must provide a screenshot of your current in-game vote points on Krator forums event thread )
Make graphics piece - ( Non anim 15 Points, Anim 35 Points )
Make a video for Krator - 75 Points
Make a useful guide on Krator, Skilling/PvM/Money making related - 7 Points
Discord invite - 5 Points

How to enter ? Head over to Krator forums and visit the event thread, provide a screenshot of your current information of discord invites and In-Game Vote Points to enter.

Rewards ? There will be 3 winners, It is listed in order.

1st Place - Super Donator Rank, Bandos Armmour Set, 300 Blood Money and 1 Boss Crate
[special] If you have collected over 300 points then you will recieve Abyssal Whip as a bonus

2nd Place - Donator Rank, 100 Blood Money, A godsword of choice apart from AGS
[special] If you have collected over 200 points then you will recieve 50 Blood Money as a bonus

3rd Place - 100 Blood Money, 5 Elite Caskets and cosmetic armour set

Note: Prizes will be given at then end of the event, not when you acheive any particular Point Milestone

Point Milestones rewards can be achieved by any all participants
They are as followed:

25 Points - 250k In-Game coins
50 Points - 500k In-Game Coins
75 Points - 5 Medium Caskets, 2 Elite Caskets
100 Points - 2 Elite caskets, Dragon Scimitar and 3 Supplies Chest

I wish everyone all the best for this event, this event will last one month so better get stacking up those points. Event countdown timer is on the forums to keep track how much time you 
have left, Event will end on the 31st October.

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