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Krator 6.0 And whats to come

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Krator 6.0 out is out
- Some things to look out for in this are a persistent network issue. (Trial and error fixes)
- Reputation farming, in all cities. Kill NPCs gain reputation. For each city you gain the reputation it is considered temporary until you enter a save zone again. If you die you lose all earned session reputations for all cities. You might ask why all cities? Well, you can travel from city to city, for example, alkharid to Lumbridge and gain reputation in both but not have entered a safe zone in the passing of the two cities. When players kill you, they have the chance to steal all your session earnings.
- Only shops available for reputation use is in Lumbridge atm.
- killing other players and stealing the session reputations.
- full alkharid system ( just no rewards)
- xloging on player login to keep your account session connected will now be dropping your connection and disconnection all communication and logging you out.

The reason for this sudden update is simple. Server needed an update for some trial end error bugs to be tested which resulted in pushing some partial content for the reputation / alkharid system,

If you manage to glitch back in there, please note everything works and can be abused to get a head start on the real release of it. So if you are caught there will be punishments. Fair warning to all smile.png. Stay tuned for the rest of the updates and a full guide on what reputation is and how it will be used throughout the game.



Whats to come?

 - Emblem Farming and tier upgrading with reputation risk

 - Insert saved reputation into risk(temporary session) so you can gamble your earnings and risk pk other players who risk good enough values.
    Risk pking with reputation will allow you to get emblem tiers. 

 - Individual city shops

 - Player icons next to the name on the right side similar to donator icons for high reputation riskers (people who earn this emblem have decided to permanently risk x reputation) The reason I am going to have these icons as buyable rather than create a system to have a permanent session store is for 1 reason. The reason is to increase the rarity of emblems.

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