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Update 5.9 And Whats To Come!

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What's in Update 5.9?
 - donator zone is added
 - everything in the donator zone works
 - there is an RC altar that makes few types of runes [altar does not give RC xp.]
 - depending on donator tier you get boosts to increase odds on crafts
 - reputation system (partially implemented/no way to gain other then alkarhid (don't bug abuse and glitch in or I will reset))
 - teleport interface has the donator zone button
 - donator benefits work with the amount donated now even if you are staff
 - farming patches are working and specific to certain donator ranks
 - Low and High alch values have been dumped from osrs wiki onto our games item definition
 - Donator ::claim for multiple payments of the same type has been fixed along with improper amount donated increment...
      For example: adding 2 60 bm products in 1 checkouT WILL NOW claim 120 bm instead of just 60.
 - Holy skin is regenerating prayer now -.-'' sorry sin
 - Donator claim for holy skin has been fixed
 - selling items back to bm shop can no longer be done
 - PVP levels in different areas
 - searching items in the drop table
 - update for all object interactions. Acts a little smother (Fixes for slayer cave entrances too)
 - sponsor rank benefits updated + clan chat icon  - bugs fixed up with reputation system (killing players/leaving area to permanently save, stealing players session earned on kill)
 - single portal respawn will long respawn (160 seconds)
 - the reputation system is 100% complete for the first area (copy-paste to other areas/modify rates for different areas etc.. is all that's left)
 - moved the donator zone teleport to donator category


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