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Starting your Survival Adventure.

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Heyo, It's your favourite vampire(i hope), after a crazyyyy introduction post I decided it's time to make a guide, for newer players on how to start their little zombie adventure, teehee.

Couple of important notes:

  1. Gather everything at the start, supplies are scarce and limited so hoard everything.
  2. Collect bones, lots of them, you will need a lot of prayer in order for you to progress, use them on the altar at home for double xp.
  3. You can only tp home in a safe zone, so be sure that you'll make in time if a player attacks or monsters beat you up.

Now after keeping those notes in mind, Let's start.

Getting your first gear upgrades.

Start by talking to the teleport wizard at home and teleport to Lumbridge, Take your weapons(food is optional since safe zone is really near, so in order to save it for later you can tp back and heal in the pool located up north in the house)


Now that you're in lumbridge start by killing Meek Zombies. (Important note, you can examine monsters to view their drop tables, Also you can use the quest tab to search for a specific drop)


Get your combat stats up before moving to a stronger zombie, There's Normal(lvl13) one after meek, then Lowly(lvl30) followed by Medium(lvl59). Loot everything.

When your inventory gets full, of bones and items. Go home, use bones on the altar and sell the items to the NPC. My suggestion is getting around 11k for a farming tools so you can start farming.in between your killing trips.

Check my farming guide:( insert link here )

Notable Drops: Full adamant and a rune sword from medium zombies. Also mithril axe for skilling. I think that's the fastest good gear to get excluding getting really lucky on Ultra and Special drops.

Meek zombies also drop a bronze axe and starting skilling tools, check the drop tables.

Npcs: Peasant Buyer, where you will be selling all of your junk.


Ali, who sells all of your farming tools and herb seeds.


Peasant Owner. Sells runes and arrows, skilling tools. Tools can get expensive so check the mob drops for them to save money.


Next Area: Varrock.

Now that you got a decent weapon and armour AND maybe close to 43 prayer which will help a lot in this area.

Once again talk to the teleport wizard at home and tp to Varrock.


Note, the colour of the name in the teleport, represents the area's difficulty.

When you arrive, I suggest you going through a wall with 2 chests, since it has less zombies and you can isolate 1v1 easier. Note: Multiple Zombies can attack you in this area and gang up)

43 Prayer for protect melee is highly recommended.


When out you will find 3 zombies. Brute. Teen and Savage

Savage is the easiest, You can safely kill brute and Teen together witought savage taking aggro, or run a but further after getting of them and try to isolate them. Remeber: Improvise, Adapt, Overcome.


I suggest already having around 50-60 stats being here in order to effectively kill them. Remember to go home and heal up to save food.

Notable drops: Dragon scimitar, Rune boots and defender, Rune crossbow, Pickaxes all From Brute.

Teen: Full set of rune armour Brute also drops them, they are the best monster here.

Savage:Amulet of strength, Teen drop them too, but not Brutes.

Last Area: Mors Terra

The Last area that this guide will talk upon. By now you should've gotten hang of how this works at Krator. This area is represented by RED colour, which means it's the hardest area there is.


Upon arriving you'll see some very low level skeleton but also some higher ones. Medium Skele(lvl28), Skeleton Adult(lvl46), Skeletal Fiend(lvl69), Skeletal Warrior(lvl106), Further, going deeper into the zone there are Skeletal Vermin(lvl88), Mutated ones(120) Brutes and Kings(lvl134) they will be the best monster to kill here since all monster drop pretty much the same but the higher lvl the higher chances for items( EXAMINE for drops)

Also This area at the end hold the boss, Mad scientist.


Notable drops: Full proselyte, blessings, this area is based on prayer bonuses.

Boss drops: Full infinity, Secondary ingridients for herblore.

43 prayer is must have !


Right now you got some decent gear, some prayer bonus, keep working on your combat stats. Feel free to ask around other players for more info since they're really friendly.

Don't forget the search table option to look for more upgrades to your gear. Also Ranger's, you get get some bows early on, for msb just msg me ill make you one. Mage's gl on finding those staves..

And that concludes my Guide, I hope i Helped you to start on our beautiful server and i hope you're here to Stay. UwU. Cya on the battlefield, Soldier !

Be sure to correct me and give criticism or tips.




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