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  1. We as a community should write our suggestions out in one thread so our amazing developer Guruu can work off of it with ease. I have a few and hopefully some others can be added by YOU in the comments. -More in-game commands leading players to the forums, highscores, discord, and donating -A message that tells players what to type after voting either ingame or on the vote page. ::voteclaim -A few more items added to the vote shops, maybe uncut onyx and other higher tier items for those wishing to save up their points -Staking or Flower Poker, something that can keep players entertained and could make it so you must have a certain playtime or amount donated to do it -A trading post would be amazing to see with prices saying what their actual street value is -The Agility skill would be cool to see added, not with every course but just a couple -Clue scrolls, with different cases aside from the actual caskets that are dropped from monsters, with custom areas you could come up with cool new spots These are just suggestions and I'm open to your opinions as to why they may be suitable or why they are complete trash. Let me know please :) Lets get these forums active as fuck!
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