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  1. Brotherstorm

    Brotherstorm's Starter Guide and Tips

    Brotherstorm's Starter Guide and Tips Teleport to lumbridge and kill zombies until 40 attack and strength. Pick up useful supplies; Skilling Supplies;Chisel, Hammer, etc. Runes. Pick up regular bones. About 52k exp is needed for 43 pray (Protection prayer). This means you need roughly 70 bones, or 2 and a half inventories. Use these bones on the prayer altar at home. Before Leaving Lumbridge Zombie area, get yourself a bronze pickaxe from lowly zombies. Now you have 2 choices; Kill medium zombies and sell the adamant loot until you have a 100k cash stack Mine ores, and smelt adamant amour and sell it until you have a 100k cash stack. Now buy a small net, big net. harpoon, and a lobster pot. Fish and cook you fish until you have a sufficient supply. Now you're ready to continue training your combat stats, and prayer. The best monster for bones in Krator are "Skeletal Kings" which drop always drop organic bones (8k exp on altar), and items that give strong prayer bonus. Once you have good gear, go kill mad scientist to get snapgrasses to create a supply of p pots. Now the adventure is yours; go do slayer and get a whip, go do toxic sorcer to get a blowpipe.
  2. Brotherstorm

    Krator's Map's and Npcs

    *Maps of all the "important" locations within Krator* Edgeville Zombie Fiends Atrocious Zombies Savage Zombies Carnal Zombies Toxic Zombies Zombie Brute Ancient Brother's Minigame Lumbridge- Runecrafting Mining Golden Sorcers Toxic Sorcers Crazed Sorcers Sorcers Zombies Medium Zombies Meek Zombies Varrock Atrocious Tenn Zombies Savage Zombies Necromancer Brute Zombies Zombie Brutes Mors Terra Skeletal Brutes Skeletal Vermins Skeletal Warriors Skeletal Kings Mutated Skeletons Skeletal Adults Skeletal Fiends Medium Skeletons Mad Scientist Rellekka Fremmnick Corpse Brutal Fremnnick Corpse Battered Fremnick Corpse
  3. Brotherstorm

    Beta Launch

    Love the updates, excited to see things built upon to add a different kind of unique to rspses!