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  1. Heyooo, It's ya girl, Vampire lady, aka Serana. This won't be a amazing guide, more like how i did. My way. Firstly, AXES( i mean, it isn't minecraft, so your fists are enough) Axe tiers: Tree represents what your skill has to be in order to use it, and the sword what attack level you need to wield it.( You don't need to wield an axe in order to cut a tree, having it in inventory is fine, this let's you get bypass the attack requirement for axes) On how to get them: Bronze-Steel axes are dropped my meek zombies at lumbridge (lvl7) Bronze is a rare drop, and steel is uncommon. If you still don't know the ropes of this server or just started check out my guide on how to get your adventure started Mithril axes are dropped by Lowly and Medium Zombies lvl 30 and 59 north of lumbridge Rune axes are rarely dropped by fremennik corpses. Note: you will need decent combat stats for them, since they are a bit tougher than zombies, also 43 prayer is recommended. Dragon axe is also dropped by fremennik corpse but it's a Special drop, so chances are low to get it. I did with my trusty mithril axe, since you get mostly 1 log per tree, rarely more, so it doesn't matter that much. Cutting, and locations. Since this is also a fletching guide, bring your knife to the trees, since tree respawn times can get a bit long, so standing not doing anything is waste of xp. Get your knife from meek zombies or buy at the Peasant Owner, Check my starting guide for that. Start by cutting dead trees at home, this location is better since there are a lot them(black guy not included in actual game) While waiting for them to respawn start by fletching logs into arrow shafts or bows. I started with shafts but you can buy bowstring quite cheaply so stringing bows is also an option, but i dont think its worth it for early levels. Levels needed for the bows, i started stringing maple, yew and magic ones. Oak Trees, You cut those 2, fletch your logs into shafts, by that time the time you fletched those the trees should be respawning soon. At level 30 move to Willows, Repeat the same rotation as oaks, This location has 2 willows near each other. At level 45, move to maple trees, and and now i started to fletch the bows from their logs and bank when inventory fills up Dont forget to fletch between respawns of the trees since it will save time cause you wont be needing to fletch them later. This location is east of home. At level 60, rotation will get more advanced since you can now start yews, The Yew Tree is in the previous picture, above those 2 maple trees. I cut the Yew tree, move to bottom maple, then the left maple. While all 3 trees are down, Flech your 3 logs, and move to Yew again. the cycle should speed up and now you'll be getting decent xp. At level 75. You get the option to cut Magic trees, You have a decision to make. Doing the 3 tree rotation you'll get 28.125 woodcutting xp and 28.650 fletching xp a cycle. which is pretty fast. The magic trees are located in Mors Terra, and you will recquire 43 prayer to run trough all the monsters, since the trees are at the end of the map There is mad scientist there, but he isn't aggresive and there are 2 magic trees there. magic tree rotation gives 37,500 woodcutting and 27.450 fletching xp., dont forget there's no bank there, so you will have to run forward and back in order to bank. which will take around 25s Yew and Maple Longbows together sell for 949 coins, Magic Longbow sells 1422gp. In my opinion. doing that 3 tree rotation is the faster way to 99 and making coins. Although i'm not accounting the prices you could sell magic shortbows to the players. ALSO a big note. While you're going back to the bank you can go to the shop and buy out all the bowstrings and do it every cycle, since that time should be enough for it restock. and also do a herb run since the patch is pretty close. Check my farming guide on how to start it (insert link here) Conclusion: Early levels are whatever, but the ones after 60 are where you're going to spend most of your time, and so my suggestion is to do 3 Tree Rotation till 99. But that's just my way. Comment how you did it or if my guide was helpful, also IF you're only looking up cause u can't get an msb, just pm me in game, i'll give you one.
  2. Heyo, It's your favourite vampire(i hope), after a crazyyyy introduction post I decided it's time to make a guide, for newer players on how to start their little zombie adventure, teehee. Couple of important notes: Gather everything at the start, supplies are scarce and limited so hoard everything. Collect bones, lots of them, you will need a lot of prayer in order for you to progress, use them on the altar at home for double xp. You can only tp home in a safe zone, so be sure that you'll make in time if a player attacks or monsters beat you up. Now after keeping those notes in mind, Let's start. Getting your first gear upgrades. Start by talking to the teleport wizard at home and teleport to Lumbridge, Take your weapons(food is optional since safe zone is really near, so in order to save it for later you can tp back and heal in the pool located up north in the house) Now that you're in lumbridge start by killing Meek Zombies. (Important note, you can examine monsters to view their drop tables, Also you can use the quest tab to search for a specific drop) Get your combat stats up before moving to a stronger zombie, There's Normal(lvl13) one after meek, then Lowly(lvl30) followed by Medium(lvl59). Loot everything. When your inventory gets full, of bones and items. Go home, use bones on the altar and sell the items to the NPC. My suggestion is getting around 11k for a farming tools so you can start farming.in between your killing trips. Check my farming guide:( insert link here ) Notable Drops: Full adamant and a rune sword from medium zombies. Also mithril axe for skilling. I think that's the fastest good gear to get excluding getting really lucky on Ultra and Special drops. Meek zombies also drop a bronze axe and starting skilling tools, check the drop tables. Npcs: Peasant Buyer, where you will be selling all of your junk. : Ali, who sells all of your farming tools and herb seeds. Peasant Owner. Sells runes and arrows, skilling tools. Tools can get expensive so check the mob drops for them to save money. Next Area: Varrock. Now that you got a decent weapon and armour AND maybe close to 43 prayer which will help a lot in this area. Once again talk to the teleport wizard at home and tp to Varrock. Note, the colour of the name in the teleport, represents the area's difficulty. When you arrive, I suggest you going through a wall with 2 chests, since it has less zombies and you can isolate 1v1 easier. Note: Multiple Zombies can attack you in this area and gang up) 43 Prayer for protect melee is highly recommended. When out you will find 3 zombies. Brute. Teen and Savage Savage is the easiest, You can safely kill brute and Teen together witought savage taking aggro, or run a but further after getting of them and try to isolate them. Remeber: Improvise, Adapt, Overcome. I suggest already having around 50-60 stats being here in order to effectively kill them. Remember to go home and heal up to save food. Notable drops: Dragon scimitar, Rune boots and defender, Rune crossbow, Pickaxes all From Brute. Teen: Full set of rune armour Brute also drops them, they are the best monster here. Savage:Amulet of strength, Teen drop them too, but not Brutes. Last Area: Mors Terra The Last area that this guide will talk upon. By now you should've gotten hang of how this works at Krator. This area is represented by RED colour, which means it's the hardest area there is. Upon arriving you'll see some very low level skeleton but also some higher ones. Medium Skele(lvl28), Skeleton Adult(lvl46), Skeletal Fiend(lvl69), Skeletal Warrior(lvl106), Further, going deeper into the zone there are Skeletal Vermin(lvl88), Mutated ones(120) Brutes and Kings(lvl134) they will be the best monster to kill here since all monster drop pretty much the same but the higher lvl the higher chances for items( EXAMINE for drops) Also This area at the end hold the boss, Mad scientist. Notable drops: Full proselyte, blessings, this area is based on prayer bonuses. Boss drops: Full infinity, Secondary ingridients for herblore. 43 prayer is must have ! Finish Right now you got some decent gear, some prayer bonus, keep working on your combat stats. Feel free to ask around other players for more info since they're really friendly. Don't forget the search table option to look for more upgrades to your gear. Also Ranger's, you get get some bows early on, for msb just msg me ill make you one. Mage's gl on finding those staves.. And that concludes my Guide, I hope i Helped you to start on our beautiful server and i hope you're here to Stay. UwU. Cya on the battlefield, Soldier ! Be sure to correct me and give criticism or tips.
  3. Hi, My name is Serana, I'm a vampire lady like Marceline from Adventure Time, looking for Finn, teehee. Now, Let's geeeet riiight into the topic, 25 posts is a requirement for an application for a mod. Which i think most of the player strive to be one day. On that note, Good Luck making those 25 posts, If you're reading this, looking for an example how to introduce yourself, that means you'll be 1/25 posts real quick. only 24 to go, I believe in you!, also. If u need a free msb, just pm me. Looking forward to working with you all.