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  1. You're putting loads of effort into these guides. Really easy to understand and it shows that you know what you're talking about. Keep it up and I feel like I might be seeing you as mod one day
  2. Zookus

    Fishing + Cooking guide 1-99

    I forgot to mention in the post that while fishing you have a chance of receiving pieces of angler The full set of angler includes: Angler Hat Angler Top Angler Waders Angler Boots Wearing all these pieces will speed up the leveling process quite a bit as it will give you extra xp every once in a while.
  3. Zookus

    Fishing + Cooking guide 1-99

    Fishing + Cooking Guide For Dummies Fishing and cooking are important skills in Krator as they are the main source of having food for PVMing What you will need: 75,000 gp OR 1 Small fishing net 1 Lobster Pot 1 Harpoon -Fishing- Step 1: To begin fishing you will need to go to the Peasant owner located at home The images below will show his exact location If you already have The Fishing net, Lobster pot and Harpoon you can skip to step 2 https://imgur.com/THLWt9y https://imgur.com/Po2wchf When you reach the Peasant owner, Left click on him OR Right click and press trade and his store will pop up The items you will need to purchase consist of: 1 Small fishing net 1 Lobster pot 1 Harpoon These items are show in the image below https://imgur.com/oZZsZkj Step 2: Refer to the pictures below to know where to fish https://imgur.com/n1YfWxG https://imgur.com/r7Lnkdf The fishing spot at home is where you will be doing all of your fishing You will want to bank all your fish if you want to do cooking At level 1: you need to fish Shrimp for 750xp per Shrimp At level 15: you can fish Anchovies for 3000xp per Anchovie It will take approximately 50 shrimp or 15 Anchovies to reach level 40 fishing At level 40: you will want to fish Lobster for 6750xp each lobster until you reach level 50 It will take approximately 10 lobsters to reach level 50 At level 50: you will want to fish Swordfish for 7500xp per swordfish until you reach level 76 It will take approximately 165 swordfish to reach level 76 At level 76: you will want to fish Shark for 8250xp per shark until you reach level 99 It will take approximately 1,420 sharks to reach level 99 -Cooking- After getting fishing to level 99 cooking will be quite easy You will want to cook at the range located at home shown in the image below by using your raw food on the range https://imgur.com/LXnBF2L https://imgur.com/c7C2M43 At level 1: you will need to cook shrimp and anchovies for 750xp each until level 40 This will take approximately 50 shrimp or anchovies to reach level 40 At level 40: you will need to cook lobsters for 6000 xp until level 45 OR until level 80 It will take approximately 5 cooked lobsters to reach level 45 and approximately 325 cooked lobsters to reach level 80 If you decide to stop cooking lobsters at level 45 you can cook approximately 260 swordfish to reach level 80 At level 80: you can cook sharks for 13,875xp until level 99 It will take approximately 800 cooked shark to reach level 99 Thanks for checking out my guide. If I made any mistakes please let me know and I'll be sure to correct my mistakes Be sure to leave any feedback about anything I can improve on -Zookus
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    Woodcutting + Fletching 1-99 Guide

    Good guide