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  1. zoolobbie

    Combat difference suggestion

    Thanks for the input.
  2. zoolobbie

    Combat difference suggestion

    So to start off the suggestion, I feel like with drops being really op right now a band-aid fix could be to raise the combat level difference for pking. With low level content like lumbridge, level 1 slayer etc. being a small combat difference or even left at the 8 it is now. Then when you get to the medium parts of the game such as varrock, edgeville, slayer level 2, medium tier bosses etc. it should be raised as these areas can have pretty good loot and very low to no risk involved because you can't be attacked by anyone. Meaning you could just make an alt and sit level 60 kill everything there for loot rendering the medium tier gear/loot worthless because of the low risk high reward aspect of it. Lastly, the end-game content such as lvl 3 slayer/brazo, gwd, rellekka, mors terra etc. I personally think it should be everyone can attack everyone as it is a survival server after all you need to survive but not a lot of people like the idea of being able to die on Krator, so maybe come to a middle man and just have a large level gap since these areas hold the best gear in the game and right now is still very low risk very high reward.
  3. zoolobbie

    Ackmed's Shop

    I would like to buy 39k dust for 45 bm, you will receive your payment every 13k dust i receive.
  4. zoolobbie

    Suggestions from the main man

    I would like to add the suggestion of skulling world-wide since I cannot edit my post.
  5. zoolobbie

    Woodcutting and Fletching guide1-99, 1for2, what??

    Great guide as always xoxo
  6. zoolobbie

    My personal needed changes.

    Makes for more competition which is healthy for a small server if done right. Sorta like boss timers aswell.
  7. zoolobbie

    Starting your Survival Adventure.

    Great guide, defo gonna help a lot of people. Keep it up!
  8. Welcome e-girlfriend xoxo
  9. zoolobbie

    Hallo mein name Ackmed

    I never said they were free.
  10. zoolobbie

    Ackmed's Long Term Goals

    Just curious, wouldn't that be under the max cape section?
  11. zoolobbie

    Fishing + Cooking guide 1-99

    Great guide by an even greater gamer.
  12. I am the least toxic person you will ever meet, unless you come across as a dickhead
  13. zoolobbie

    Ackmed's Long Term Goals

    For clarification in what way is new skills your goal? Are you saying you are going to code new skills or you want to get 99 in order to get max cape? GL tho!
  14. zoolobbie

    Woodcutting + Fletching 1-99 Guide

    To be completely honest it hasn't shown them where to start either you should add where to get the essentials, pictures etc.
  15. zoolobbie

    Suggestions from the main man

    My bad, black masks are a special drop.