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    Farming "Getting Started"

    Farming guide to get you on your way Start by visiting Ali at home in the north western corner you will need 10,650gp to begin farming herbs. Your going to want to buy the 4 items in my inventory as seen and a GUAM SEED to start. Head over to the farming patch to the south, your going to need to rake the weeds 3 times over and wait for them to regrow to hit level 9! Now that your level 9 its time to plant your first herb! Use the Guam seed on the patch you brought earlier and follow it up by using the water can on the patch. After about 2-5 minutes your patch will be fully grown, and u are able to pick your herbs and start cleaning to gain herblore xp. Once the patch is clear rinse and repeat and plant all the seeds you desire. Have fun Farming!