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    Krator Thieving Guide

    I have noticed many people getting confused about how to start Thieving and decided to make this guide. First off, where to start! East of Home, there is a building dedicated to Thieving consisting of an upstairs and a downstairs. Before we get started I would like to mention that Donors get a couple of small bonuses when Thieving, like bonus loot, and magically noting items, as well as access to the Downstairs Bank. While non-Donors can still use the Deposit feature, only Donors can use the Bank feature on the box. With that over, we can move onto the guide itself. Starting out, you will need to get some Lockpicks, these can be obtained easily in the Upstairs area. Now that you have a Lockpick, you can start Thieving! 1-25 Bronze Chests 25-45 Steel Chests 45-65 Black Chests From level 65 and on is when we go Downstairs, this is where the Experience and Loot become amazing! 65-80 Wall Safes 80-90 Chests 90-95 Safes 95-99 Bank Safes One of the rewards from Thieving is the Rogue Outfit. When you have the full set, each time you hit the drop table, that would give you another piece, you instead get bonus experience 3x that of your current thieving method. Now while I've listed all the current Thieving methods, there may be future updates that add more to it, and I will try to keep the guide up to date. If I've managed to miss something, please leave a message and I will put it in!