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  1. Growing Creations - Minigame Pitch: - Stealing Creation-esque minigame. - No items in or out of the minigame. Rare drops obtained will be automatically deposited to your bank. - Basic tools will be provided upon entering. - Minimap will be blacked out upon entering. - Mining, Farming & Woodcutting - 10 pre-set resource locations on an island, randomized each time a new game is started. - Requirements: 70+ in the respected skill (Woodcutting, Mining, or Farming) - Transmog your resources into a throwable liquid that will kill mobs on the island and give you a chance to earn some useful equipment, as well as herbs and seeds. - Mobs are not aggressive. - Notable possible rewards/drops: - golden secatures (15% chance to harvest an extra herb, per tick) - Ornate axe (15% chance to cut an additional log, per tick) - gilded pickaxe (15% chance to mine an additional ore, per tick) - Commonly medium to rarely high herbs, seeds, & gems
  2. Yeah right. We all know Florida is being beat the hell up by a hurricane. Lol! Welcome.
  3. krator gang or die 

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