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  1. Wayne


    - Greetings Krator, Wayne's finally here! I was browsing Rune-Server project threads back in November of last year and stumbled upon this beauty! Very pleased to see @Belfort & @Guruu working on this together, you guys have created something very special! I'm a massive fan of unique content in the RSPS world.. Krator is just what I've been waiting for! A little about Me; I've been in the RSPS scene for nearly 10 years now.. Planning to do another 10 I'm an RSPS #ForumWhore - I enjoy creating quality Suggestions, General topics, Guides.. I started RuneScape around 2002-2003 - Played every chance I could growing up Stopped playing RS in 2008/Haven't touched OSRS since release day in 2013 I'm an OTR (Over the Road) Truck Driver in the U.S. - Delivering freight to 48 states! I am a Batman fan, not so much a 'comic' fan.. just loved Bruce Wayne's character No kids, No wife.. Happy life?! Looking forward to grinding Krator indefinitely ~ See you all in-game!
  2. Wayne

    Beta Launch

    This is AWESOME!