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  1. Guruu

    Combat difference suggestion

    What are some drops you would like to see be adjusted? Potentially a layout like: Npc Name Currently: rares: rune scim New: rares: Bronze scim or something similar easy to read. I will definitely increase the combat ranges as the areas get harder.
  2. Guruu

    My personal needed changes.

    Noted I'll make those individual trackings a thing soon, not today ofc.
  3. Hey its nice to see the community not bickering over that rule and abiding by it
  4. Guruu

    Woodcutting + Fletching 1-99 Guide

    Decent guide, most if not all this common knowledge.Even for me as someone who has not played rs or any other rsps lmao.
  5. Guruu

    "Freaky slut" mod app

    Decline. Requirements are not met.
  6. Guruu

    My personal needed changes.

    We will probably never see Rune Lite features on this 317. Starter system of course has been implemented with proper introductions. As for drops in general, They will change (additions will be placed) once i make the changes to the editor to support real time chance changing allowing me to control the rarity of each individual item rather then all the items falling under the same chance when under the same table. More PVM content will def be added as the server grows. Raids are coming soon and after that we should hopefully see a new city with new mobs. I'm pretty sure i solved the open bank lag as much as I could. (Entire container system for our base is shit and i've made the small changes to some of its shitty code to improve some of its efficiency. As you know npc kill count and boss kill counts are in. All skills are in except for hunter and construction. Both skills will be replaced over time with some new custom skills. One being a bit similar to invention (will be used to create those refinement Orbs/Stones)
  7. Guruu

    Crafting 1-99

    Nice lil guide m8 thanks for the post, maybe new players will read this haha.
  8. Guruu

    Mining 1-99 / Smithing 1-99

    Cool I'd fix that pure essence info
  9. Guruu

    Application Format

    Name: In-Game Username: Age: Country & Timezone (Include GMT): Average time played per day? What days of the week are you available to play? When did you join Krator? Have you had any breaks from playing the server since joining? What is your previous experience with being a staff member in an online community? Why do you want to be a Krator staff member, and why do you feel you deserve this rank? (200 words minimum) What are the top 5 qualities that you think a Krator staff member should have Have you ever been infracted (Muted/Jailed/Banned)? If you answered yes to the above question, what was the reason: If you received this rank, would you devote hours of free time to play? Tell us about yourself (hobbies, occupation etc): If you were a helper..... What would you do if you saw someone spamming? What would you do if someone was using offensive language? What would you do if someone was flaming a player? What would you do if someone was flaming a staff member? What would you do if someone was posting rude comments on the forums? What would you do if you found or were informed about duped items? What would you do if there was drama going around in Global or Clan chat? Do you meet the requirements for applying, which can be found by clicking this link?
  10. Guruu

    Application Rules

    Caught breaking these rules, will lead to permanent application declines. 1. You may not post another application if Re-Applying. 2. You may not, under any circumstance. Reply or "Bump" your own staff application 3. You must have at least 3 weeks of experience In-Game to apply for an in-game position. Your forums account must also be 3 weeks old. 4. You need a post count of 25 to Apply. 6. You may not advertise your application in any way. 7. Any minor infractions can be overlooked depending on severity. 8. Do not reply on other applications if you have an active application running your self 8. For a proper acceptance, you need 5 player recommendations along with the Approval from both Belfort and I.
  11. Guruu

    Farming "Getting Started"

    Clean and simple, just how we like it! Thanks for impacting the community!
  12. Guruu

    Krator's Map's and Npcs

    This is awesome!
  13. Guruu

    Krator Thieving Guide

    Thanks for the detailed guide! Looks really good
  14. Guruu


    - minigame fixed up could really only catch some of these on live vps... - new achievements added for new content for all newcomers to see and venture through! - ancient brothers minigames has 1 crate to reward from now - ancient brother minigame now how some godly loot :3 - some perk edits have (nothing noticeable) - noticed a bug where when you had achievement tab open and killed npc your npc kills from info tab will replace the line for achievement (fixed)
  15. Guruu


    Hey guys, we've just released a new batch of updates and here is what was contained in all the updates. - Perk manager system now supports max uses - New Safe Item perk added. Allows you up to 5 max items on death to be kept. You keep all items on death basically 5 times with this active. - Ton of drops where edited. - (hardest to weakest) Golden Sorcerer, Crazed Sorcerer, and Sorcerer have been added to the game with pretty good drops! - Toxic Sorcerer added! - This is my version of zulrah drop replication. - The boss consists of 3 attack types, Blue = mage, Green = Range, White/fire = Mage - This boss can go into a toxic phase, which basically is a phase to spawn venom on ground. - These ground objects have a task running for 30 seconds to listen for player movement to deal certain damage based on distance of 2. - I suggest ranging and uses a far distance attack to give your self time to pray flick and not get caught easily by the venom. - Toxic phase will never occur back to back, there is a timer to adjust the next possible time to be able to do toxic phase. - Toxic Sorcerer drops Tanzanite fang and Magic fang - Item creation for both toxic staff of dead and toxic pipe have been supported! - Ancient mini-games reward tables have been reduced from 4 possible tables to hit to 1 - The table now consists of new items including bulwark, barrows, vestas, statius and much more! - Small bug with perks have been fixed (was getting deleted due to new max use support) - Mors Terra is now completely fixed and will have the perk active for the required time till expiration! - New perk shop item is now available with an interface and description! - All old players who received a stat reset have been granted a free "Safe Item" perk!