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    Mad Scientist Mad Scientist is a Magic/Herblore themed boss found to the West of Mors Terra The Gear/Stats Equipment - Blue Dragonhide or better regardless of Combat Type used. The better your Magic Defense the less food you'll use. Melee - Should have atleast 60 Attack/Strength/Defense and a dragon weapon. Range - Rune/Addy crossbow or better Magic - Not recommended but any Wave or Ancient spell will be fine. The Plan Mad Scientist has 3 Attacks: Potion Throw Undead Hands Science never FAILS His regular attack is Potion Throw. Use Protect Magic the entire fight and combined with your AntiMagic armor you should be fine. You may go entire fights without taking damage or much. His two special Attacks: Undead Hands and Science never FAILS both hit VERY hard and can not be protected against by prayer, however they can be avoided. This is why Range and melee are more recommended attack styles, because the attack animations are short enough to allow you to move quickly. Undead Hands can hit you in any spot, and there is no predictable animation for it. This hits anywhere from 5 damage to 30 damage. Science never FAILS is almost always predicated by him yelling as in the picture above. You have about 3 seconds to move before it hits you. Occasionally if you hit him as he is supposed to yell it will not happen, but 9/10 times he will yell before this attack. It can hit upwards of 40+ damage. The plan is to attack 2-3 times and then move atleast two spaces in any direction, UNLESS he yells the Science attack and then move immediately (within the 3 second window). Moving one space you can still get hit by the Science attack, but two spaces you are always safe. You will get into the pattern quickly. Hit twice. Move below him. Hit twice. Move to the other side. If he yells move again, even if you are in the process of moving just take another couple steps. The Drops
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    Welcome tyler thanks for being such a committed player of Krator
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    Good guide i learned a lot about the boss belfort made. JK haha cool guide tho for sure. Players will find it useful!
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