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    This guide is for new players that are overwhelmed by all the new things they've never seen. First thing you're going to want to do is go northwest of home and get a slayer task from the Odd Old Slayer Man. I pretty sure the only task he'll give is lowly zombies. Next you'll want to tele to Lumbridge using the teleport wizard to start your task. You can find lowly zombies east of the teleport spot, kill them until your task is up or you've got decent enough stats to start farming other npcs in the area. Loot all runes, hammers and needles(hammers and needles sell for 25k gp to the shop). Keep in mind that if you want food you'll have to fish it yourself or buy potatoes from the shop at home, which isn't really worth the time. Simply teleporting home and using the altar and fountain to heal yourself to full is fine until you get to bossing. Something to note is that things like rune swords and dragon longswords are viable weapons to kill npcs with and train. Things D scim has become a bit more common recently but still likely out of reach to buy for a player that just hit 60 attack. So now you've got some stats what do you do next? Well from here you can turn to skilling for profit (mining pure ess at 75 mining and fishing+cooking sharks are always in demand), you can continue slayer as the higher tier slayer creatures drop good items for raw gp as well as corruption dust, or you can look through the drop tables of all npcs in the quest tab and keep upgrading gear slots. The best way to start farming rune and dragon items is to get 43 prayer to kill the npcs that drops it then tele home to heal and repeat. Generic tips to survive in Krator The drop table is your best friend, you cans search for specific items that you need and go kill them. Range is probably the strongest combat style. Rune cbow is strong enough to beat the strongest bosses in the game. Save training mage for last. Runes are tough to come by even if you happen to craft your own runes. The altar at home gives bonus prayer exp when using bones on it, try to avoid burying bones unless its with a bonecrusher. It is always worth going for care packages. theres little to no risk if you just run to it with no items. Barrows in al karid is probably where you'll spend a majority of your mid to endgame, they drop a lot of supplies and good gear. Varrock npcs drop a lot of mid range gear like rune and dragon weapons.
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    We as a community should write our suggestions out in one thread so our amazing developer Guruu can work off of it with ease. I have a few and hopefully some others can be added by YOU in the comments. -More in-game commands leading players to the forums, highscores, discord, and donating -A message that tells players what to type after voting either ingame or on the vote page. ::voteclaim -A few more items added to the vote shops, maybe uncut onyx and other higher tier items for those wishing to save up their points -Staking or Flower Poker, something that can keep players entertained and could make it so you must have a certain playtime or amount donated to do it -A trading post would be amazing to see with prices saying what their actual street value is -The Agility skill would be cool to see added, not with every course but just a couple -Clue scrolls, with different cases aside from the actual caskets that are dropped from monsters, with custom areas you could come up with cool new spots These are just suggestions and I'm open to your opinions as to why they may be suitable or why they are complete trash. Let me know please :) Lets get these forums active as fuck!
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    I honestly like every single one of these suggestions. I think Flower Poker would need to be based on playtime. Could even add it for like 1BM in the shop so players who get boss BM drops can use it on something without saving a ton. Maybe add it in the vote shop for like 5 points too.
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