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    Hey guys, we've just released a new batch of updates and here is what was contained in all the updates. - Perk manager system now supports max uses - New Safe Item perk added. Allows you up to 5 max items on death to be kept. You keep all items on death basically 5 times with this active. - Ton of drops where edited. - (hardest to weakest) Golden Sorcerer, Crazed Sorcerer, and Sorcerer have been added to the game with pretty good drops! - Toxic Sorcerer added! - This is my version of zulrah drop replication. - The boss consists of 3 attack types, Blue = mage, Green = Range, White/fire = Mage - This boss can go into a toxic phase, which basically is a phase to spawn venom on ground. - These ground objects have a task running for 30 seconds to listen for player movement to deal certain damage based on distance of 2. - I suggest ranging and uses a far distance attack to give your self time to pray flick and not get caught easily by the venom. - Toxic phase will never occur back to back, there is a timer to adjust the next possible time to be able to do toxic phase. - Toxic Sorcerer drops Tanzanite fang and Magic fang - Item creation for both toxic staff of dead and toxic pipe have been supported! - Ancient mini-games reward tables have been reduced from 4 possible tables to hit to 1 - The table now consists of new items including bulwark, barrows, vestas, statius and much more! - Small bug with perks have been fixed (was getting deleted due to new max use support) - Mors Terra is now completely fixed and will have the perk active for the required time till expiration! - New perk shop item is now available with an interface and description! - All old players who received a stat reset have been granted a free "Safe Item" perk!
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    Click here to download the latest client!