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  3. John Wick

    Latest Patches

    Great updates
  4. Guruu

    Latest Patches

    Here are some of the latest patches in-game as of right now. - The home general store is bugged. Can't buy items from it nor view the prices. - When you deposit 10x of an item from the bottom row of your inventory, you dc - ava accumulator saves your arrow 80% of the time - Server announcement whenever someone gets pk'd with kdr displayed - made jad a little more realistic... - doesn't switch attack types as often - also doesn't attack as fast anymore. - fixed item swapping attack delay resetting to new weapons attack speed rate upon new weapon switch - Harralander + Chocolate dust still makes Energy Pots - Cooking rates have been adjusted to higher levels giving more xp. - Super energy is now emptyable - veng runes using too many runes fixed (spam clicking when u could make it so you can case 2 or 3 per click but really only 1 is active. - consumable ticks have adjusted. - jewelry crafting is now released, molds are available in the shop. - U can use mold on the furnace or if u have the mold in inventory click furnace.. - If you have multiple molds in your inventory it will either prioritize ring, or whichever other comes first. - Combat is fixed for magic spells, and entangles such as bind
  5. Guruu

    Beginners Guide to Krator

    Great guide! New players will hopefully refer to these guides as they play!
  6. This guide is for new players that are overwhelmed by all the new things they've never seen. First thing you're going to want to do is go northwest of home and get a slayer task from the Odd Old Slayer Man. I pretty sure the only task he'll give is lowly zombies. Next you'll want to tele to Lumbridge using the teleport wizard to start your task. You can find lowly zombies east of the teleport spot, kill them until your task is up or you've got decent enough stats to start farming other npcs in the area. Loot all runes, hammers and needles(hammers and needles sell for 25k gp to the shop). Keep in mind that if you want food you'll have to fish it yourself or buy potatoes from the shop at home, which isn't really worth the time. Simply teleporting home and using the altar and fountain to heal yourself to full is fine until you get to bossing. Something to note is that things like rune swords and dragon longswords are viable weapons to kill npcs with and train. Things D scim has become a bit more common recently but still likely out of reach to buy for a player that just hit 60 attack. So now you've got some stats what do you do next? Well from here you can turn to skilling for profit (mining pure ess at 75 mining and fishing+cooking sharks are always in demand), you can continue slayer as the higher tier slayer creatures drop good items for raw gp as well as corruption dust, or you can look through the drop tables of all npcs in the quest tab and keep upgrading gear slots. The best way to start farming rune and dragon items is to get 43 prayer to kill the npcs that drops it then tele home to heal and repeat. Generic tips to survive in Krator The drop table is your best friend, you cans search for specific items that you need and go kill them. Range is probably the strongest combat style. Rune cbow is strong enough to beat the strongest bosses in the game. Save training mage for last. Runes are tough to come by even if you happen to craft your own runes. The altar at home gives bonus prayer exp when using bones on it, try to avoid burying bones unless its with a bonecrusher. It is always worth going for care packages. theres little to no risk if you just run to it with no items. Barrows in al karid is probably where you'll spend a majority of your mid to endgame, they drop a lot of supplies and good gear. Varrock npcs drop a lot of mid range gear like rune and dragon weapons.
  7. Good luck to you all participating
  8. You must provide a screenshot of your current in-game vote points and discord invites if you plan to use them as your point gains or it will not be counted towards the end! I am proud to announce Krator's biggest event upto date is here, This event features the following tasks based on points. You get points for what you make individually and will be calculated end of the deadline and see who racked up most points. Vote - 1 Points ( Must provide a screenshot of your current in-game vote points on Krator forums event thread ) Make graphics piece - ( Non anim 15 Points, Anim 35 Points ) Make a video for Krator - 75 Points Make a useful guide on Krator, Skilling/PvM/Money making related - 7 Points Discord invite - 5 Points How to enter ? Head over to Krator forums and visit the event thread, provide a screenshot of your current information of discord invites and In-Game Vote Points to enter. Rewards ? There will be 3 winners, It is listed in order. 1st Place - Super Donator Rank, Bandos Armmour Set, 300 Blood Money and 1 Boss Crate [special] If you have collected over 300 points then you will recieve Abyssal Whip as a bonus 2nd Place - Donator Rank, 100 Blood Money, A godsword of choice apart from AGS [special] If you have collected over 200 points then you will recieve 50 Blood Money as a bonus 3rd Place - 100 Blood Money, 5 Elite Caskets and cosmetic armour set Note: Prizes will be given at then end of the event, not when you acheive any particular Point Milestone Point Milestones rewards can be achieved by any all participants They are as followed: 25 Points - 250k In-Game coins 50 Points - 500k In-Game Coins 75 Points - 5 Medium Caskets, 2 Elite Caskets 100 Points - 2 Elite caskets, Dragon Scimitar and 3 Supplies Chest I wish everyone all the best for this event, this event will last one month so better get stacking up those points. Event countdown timer is on the forums to keep track how much time you have left, Event will end on the 31st October.
  9. Roy

    Alkharid is OUT!

    Hope everyone is enjoying this update
  10. Columbus

    Alkharid is OUT!

    Good job G, Area is amazing.
  11. Guruu

    Alkharid is OUT!

    The new area expansion has finally been released! What's in this are you might? - Comes with a full reputation system - There's a new Anubis Minigame located East of alkharid safe area! - There will be no teleporting out of alkharid when you carry session points (you can tele out if u didn't earn any in the safe area) - A shop to be used with alkharid session similar to pest control and some other additions! A lot of players have enjoyed this update! And it means a good deal to have it go appreciated. There have been nearly no bugs with this release other than some teleporting ones and shops valuing which were handled immediately and swiftly!
  12. Roy doesnt have good jokes I guess
  13. Thank you very much, glad to be able to help!
  14. Welcome to the team @Tonic
  15. Welcome to the new addition of Krator staff team, Tonic. He has been very active recently and is a friendly person overall who helps new players and guides them when needed and I am sure he will do a good job as Moderator. Congratulations Tonic
  16. Krator 6.0 out is out- Some things to look out for in this are a persistent network issue. (Trial and error fixes) - Reputation farming, in all cities. Kill NPCs gain reputation. For each city you gain the reputation it is considered temporary until you enter a save zone again. If you die you lose all earned session reputations for all cities. You might ask why all cities? Well, you can travel from city to city, for example, alkharid to Lumbridge and gain reputation in both but not have entered a safe zone in the passing of the two cities. When players kill you, they have the chance to steal all your session earnings. - Only shops available for reputation use is in Lumbridge atm. - killing other players and stealing the session reputations. - full alkharid system ( just no rewards) - xloging on player login to keep your account session connected will now be dropping your connection and disconnection all communication and logging you out.The reason for this sudden update is simple. Server needed an update for some trial end error bugs to be tested which resulted in pushing some partial content for the reputation / alkharid system,If you manage to glitch back in there, please note everything works and can be abused to get a head start on the real release of it. So if you are caught there will be punishments. Fair warning to all . Stay tuned for the rest of the updates and a full guide on what reputation is and how it will be used throughout the game. Whats to come? - Emblem Farming and tier upgrading with reputation risk - Insert saved reputation into risk(temporary session) so you can gamble your earnings and risk pk other players who risk good enough values. Risk pking with reputation will allow you to get emblem tiers. - Individual city shops - Player icons next to the name on the right side similar to donator icons for high reputation riskers (people who earn this emblem have decided to permanently risk x reputation) The reason I am going to have these icons as buyable rather than create a system to have a permanent session store is for 1 reason. The reason is to increase the rarity of emblems.
  17. This would be nice addition to the game
  18. If you add herblore to the mix like secendary rewards then yea.
  19. I think it would be a neat function to add if you have the time to work on it. Skilling content is always fun.
  20. Guruu

    Road to max 1

    Drop part 2
  21. I say no instead of trying to add new content focus on finishing/fixing current content lol
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